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Have you ever bought anything off an infomercial, if so what and did you like it?

Since I don’t watch much television and definitely not infomercials, no….

But others in my family have – and more than once!

My sister Karyn was the most prolific shopper. Not only did she spend lots of money on items from Home Shopping Network, QVC and JTV (Jewelry Television), everything from Joy Mangano’s Miracle Mop to earrings, she was quick to dial while watching commercials, always suckered in by the “but wait! There’s more!” I have Ginsu knives and Gotham Steel copper cookware in my kitchen now.

And oh, my goodness, when Karyn found out in 2009 there was an “As Seen on TV” aisle at our local Walgreens, she was in paradise! Can openers, mesh screens sure to keep out bugs, knife sharpeners, personal odor removers, the Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter all found their way into her shopping cart. All of them a bargain, none living up to their hype.

After she told me about this magic place, I bought several plug-in rodent repellants promising to use electronic signals and sound waves to send the creatures scampering away. They gave me a false sense of security but didn’t work as promised.

Not everything was a bust. My brother Rusty was not known as a great gift-giver. More often than not his presents were something he found last minute at a truck stop and we were constantly reminding ourselves it was the thought that counts. If we couldn’t remind ourselves my mother was sure to mention it. In 2004 that all changed when Rusty found the “As Seen on TV” aisle. He gave both Karyn and me knives for Christmas. Not just any ol’ knife: these were Magic Slicing Knives! If you missed the commercial, the Magic Slicing Knife a serrated knife with an attachable guide adjusting from 1/8” thick to ½” thick for perfect every time slices. It is my go-to for slicing tomatoes and bread. It’s a dandy! I was impressed! Sadly, the non-truck-stop shopping did not last (it’s the thought that counts, it’s the thought that counts), so 2004’s gift remains the best present ever. Here we are, 18 years later, and I still use the knife. I’ve lost the guide, so my tomatoes are not sliced as evenly to perfection. I’m sure the guide is around here somewhere! One day, when I least expect it, I’ll find it – and thank Rusty all over again.

I must admit I am falling into the “as seen on Facebook” trap and have gone down that rabbit hole more than once! I bought a personalized Christmas ornament from MakeZBright, a Merry Family Personalized Christmas Tea Towel from Personalization Mall but the one that’s really causing me to dig out my pocketbook was an ad I happened to see because a friend liked their page is Decorator’s Warehouse in my old hometown, Arlington, Texas. It’s a good thing I no longer live there – I’d spend even more than I do now!

If I didn’t love them before, I really did after I placed my first order for garland and greenery and received this email:

An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed to "Shipped".

Here at Decorator's Warehouse, any order is the start of something special. As soon as your order came in, our head elf named Dan the Man ran down the hall and skidded to a sliding stop in front of the PA system. He excitedly dialed the others and then sang in a joyful tone, "Jolly Joy Makers, Do Your Thing!" as he sent the order through the magic mail system to their station.

After some enthusiastic high-fiving, the team of elves gathered up the materials, glitter, and glue needed to bring your selections to life. After working and whistling, they packed up the sweetest holiday box with a little merry and a lot of shine.

After securing the box with the cutest little tape, they hugged and — they probably wouldn't want me to say it, but — happy tears may have been shed by all.

We just wanted to give you a little look behind the curtain! Know that your one kind act of shopping with us has given our people a whole lot of happiness. Cheers to you and yours — we sincerely hope you have the best Christmas ever!

Icing on the cake? There’s a package of hot chocolate in every shipment.

Who could ask for more?

Now, to find that slicing guide….

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