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Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?

Just a few days until Super Bowl Sunday featuring the unlikeliest of match-ups, the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. Even though the game is being played in the Rams’ home stadium, they will be the visiting team. This makes about as much sense as so many of the penalties called on my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks during the SEC season!

Some fun facts about this Super Bowl:

Super Bowl LVI will feature the youngest combined head coaching battle with the Rams’ Sean McVay (36) and the Bengals’ Zac Taylor (38). This is also the first Super Bowl where both coaches are under the age of 40. If the Rams win, McVay will be the youngest to ever coach a winning a Super Bowl (he’s a few weeks younger than Mike Tomlin).

With a win, Burrow would become the first quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy, a collegiate national championship, and a Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the second-highest eating day for Americans (behind Thanksgiving).

More than 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed each year on Super Bowl Sunday.

The NFL doesn’t pay bands/artists for performing at the halftime show, covering only the expenses and production costs.

Professional gamblers have a field day with the Super Bowl, but they’re not the only ones. According to Dave Clark at the Cincinnati Enquirer, “The Houston furniture salesman known as "Mattress Mack" is betting big on the Bengals to win Super Bowl LVI against the Rams in Los Angeles.

Jim McIngvale placed more than $4.5 million in bets on the Caesars Sportsbook app in Louisiana on the underdog Bengals to win on the moneyline at +170 odds - meaning the bet would net more than $7.7 million if Cincinnati wins the game.

It's believed to be the largest wager he's ever placed, and Caesars Sportsbook tweeted that it's the single largest legal mobile wager ever.”

For those of us with more modest means, not only are there bets on the game winners and losers, you’ll find “squares” available for purchase everywhere. Even the national anthem gets in on it, with wagers on just how long it will take the singer from the first note to the last.

Like millions and millions of Americans all around the world I will watch the Super Bowl, but being a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan once again I will be watching for the commercials.

It’s not easy, watching just commercials! As humans, we are conditioned to only leave the viewing area during those breaks, making a pit stop or refilling your glass or making a second (sometimes third or fourth) run at the buffet table. It took real commitment to learn to walk away during the game!

This skill is not as critical now with commercials being leaked early and available on the internet. I must say, this easy access has made ad-watching less exciting. Remember the old days with the Budweiser frogs? The kid dressed as Darth Vader turning on the car's lights? Mean Joe Green tossing his jersey to the kid who gave him a Coke? These were all topics of conversation around the water cooler on post-mortem Monday.

Do you remember the EDS commercial from a few years ago about cat herders? I tease my biggest account that trying to keep up with their travelers is like herding cats…only I’m not teasing. I am, indeed, a cat herder. Life imitating art.

So, the countdown is on.

Who do you have?

My money is on the Clydesdales.

They always win.

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